Transplant Library

Transplant Library

Transplant Library: All high quality evidence in organ transplantation

The Transplant Library database provides quick and easy access to high quality evidence on all aspects of organ transplantation. The database is produced by the Peter Morris Centre for Evidence in Transplantation.

The Transplant Library provides access to:

●   All Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), including ongoing trials and congress abstracts in solid organ transplantation.
●   Expert Reviews – subject matter experts discuss the potential impact on clinical practice
●   New publications receive a Clinical Impact Rating
●   Practice Changing Studies are highlighted
●   CET Conclusions: an assessment of the methodological quality and the main conclusions of the study
●   RCTs are critically appraised and receive a methodological quality score

●   Clinical Practice Guidelines. All guidelines are critically appraised using the AGREE II instrument.
●   Good quality Systematic Reviews

●  Funding information: Industry Funded / Non-Industry Funded
●  Trial Registration information
●  Personal Evidence Update: ESOT members receive monthly the Personal Evidence Updates based on their selected topics of interest
●  Direct free access to Open Access articles (~1,300 and growing rapidly)

The Transplant Library is updated every two weeks with new RCTs and every 4 weeks with new systematic reviews, keeping users abreast of newly reported evidence

Click here for more information on the Transplant Library including the methodological quality rating for trials and the selection of systematic reviews.