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A Knowledge Centre for Evidence-based Transplant Medicine

Evidence based medicine is vital across healthcare delivery but in the rapidly changing field of transplantation it is particularly important. ESOT is lucky in being the portal of entry into a number of different knowledge resources. It is very proud of its journal Transplantation International that has a long tradition in the field of transplantation medicine and continues to improve year on year.

The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET) is a very valuable resource set up by Professor Sir Peter Morris and his team. The Centre and ESOT have initiated a collaboration and have agreed that the CET will become the Knowledge Centre for ESOT with a special emphasis on helping with the design and reporting of randomised controlled trials in Europe. ESOT has also endorsed the Transplant Library database to which all ESOT members have access through the member area.

There are many transplant centres across European countries both large and small but gathered on this page there is the facility to access centre name, main contact details and postal address.

In addition there is a MELD calculator.