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Introducing the Working Groups of ELPAT

Working Groups

Within ELPAT, there are seven working groups. Each working group addresses a specific topic in the field of ethical, legal and psychosocial aspects of organ transplantation. The purpose of these study groups is to elaborate on these topics in-depth, and to study the possibilities for European uniformity / guidelines on that specific topic.

The seven working groups are:

- Deceased Donation (DD)
Chairs: Dale Gardiner (United Kingdom) and Nichon Jansen (The Netherlands)

- Legal Boundaries for Organ Transplantation in Europe (LB)
Chair: Antonia Cronin (United Kingdom)

- Living Organ Donation (LOD)
Chairs: Annette Lennerling (Sweden) and Frank Dor (The Netherlands)

- Organ tourism and Paid Donation (OT)
Chairs: Séan Columb (United Kingdom) and Frederike Ambagtsheer (The Netherlands)

- Pediatric Donation and Transplantation (PEDAT)
Chairs: Angie Scales (United Kingdom) and Marion Siebelink (The Netherlands)

- Psychological Care for Living Donors and Recipients (PC)
Chairs: Inês Mega (Portugal) and Christina Papachristou (Germany)

- Public Issues (PI)
Chairs: Silke Schicktanz (Germany) and Gurch Randhawa (United Kingdom)