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ELPAT Board Members

It is an honour to have been nominated and accepted as the new Chair of ELPAT. I sincerely thank my mentor Willem Weimar and my fellow working group chairs for their support and faith in me to fulfil this role.

It is with regret that, after 5 years of collaboration, I will be stepping down as co-chair of the Psychology working group. A special thanks to Fabienne Dobbels for her hard work and guidance during this time. This leaves room for a new and enthusiastic individual to bring in new ideas to the group and I look forward to seeing how this develops.

My goal in the coming four years is to continue to signal emerging ‘hot’ topics in the field of transplantation and to contribute to advancements in the field through facilitating exchange of ideas and initiation of innovative research. In this way we can help to improve the lives of transplant patients, policy and clinical practice. My door is always open to new and existing members who want to bring in new ideas, participate and contribute.

Finally, one of the major tasks for the coming time will be preparing the next ELPAT conference... watch this space!

Dr Emma Massey