Welcome new YPT Board members!

After a hot summer spent receiving, reviewing and selecting applications, the YPT finally chose 4 new Board Members!

At the end of the YPT Workshop during the ESOT2017 Congress in Barcelona, the 10 candidates shortlisted by the Board introduced themselves to the YPT community. After their presentations, the YPT members who had just participated in the workshop elected 4 Board Members voting via the ESOT2017 app.

Our warmest welcome to Nathalie Duerinckx, Jeff Lafranca, Thomas Resch and Sushma Shankar! Their mandate starts now and ends in 2021, and lots of projects are already in the pipeline.

The ESOT Congress was also the official occasion for the handover from Francesca Tinti, outgoing YPT Chair, to Zeeshan Akhtar, who has been her Vice-Chair for the past 2 years.

Zeeshan will now lead the Committee as the new Chair until 2019 - we wish him an exciting and productive term and we are grateful to Francesca for her crucial contribution to the YPT.

With Francesca, other 3 founding members of the YPT have stepped down as their mandate ended: Undine Gerlach, David Kovacs and Annemarie Weissenbacher. They have done a lot for the YPT and ESOT over the past few years, and we are sure you will hear about these future leaders soon.

If you want to join the YPT or are wondering whether your affiliation is active, check your personal profile on the ESOT website or write an email to office@esot.org.