Revealing the ESOTGrants2017 recipients - ESOT Study Scholarship - part 2

We are delighted to share some of the comments received by the 10 ESOT Study Scholarship recipients - more to come in the next weeks:

"ESOT Study Scholarship Award will help me to obtain medical training in the field of pancreas and pancreatic islets transplantation at the Division of Abdominal Organ Transplantation at the Department of Surgery, University of Chicago Medicine" Justyna Gołębiewska, Gdańsk, Poland

"The ESOT scholarship gives us an opportunity to celebrate a collaboration with the Immunogenetics group INSERM led by Dr. Nuala Mooney and Prof. Denis Glotz, leaders in the field of endothelial cell and antibody-mediated rejection. Finally, I am a Marie Curie Fellow sponsored by the European Union. Most importantly, I am proud of my British and European citizenships. Being European allows me to spouse the values of academic excellence and cultural diversity across this remarkable continent with a common history and collective narrative. Nothing will ever replace that. Our European academic community will always be stronger when it remains together. This ESOT scholarship award is a testament to this." Gabriel Cantanhede, Newcastle, United Kingdom

"I am very excited that ESOT gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and improve organ donation system in my country." Zeljca Gavranovic, Zagreb, Croatia