Revealing the ESOTGrants2017 recipients - ESOT Study Scholarship

We are delighted to share some of the comments recevied by the 10 ESOT Study Scholarship recipients - more to come in the next weeks:

“Education is the most powerful weapon we could use to change the world. Looking forward to live donation process in one of the biggest centre in Europe”. Dr. Maria Irene Bellini 

"I am delighted to receive the ESOT study scholarship.  The project has the potential to significantly improve pancreas donor selection leading to better outcomes following pancreas transplantation.  As a result of this scholarship I hope to bring back to the transplant department experience and knowledge of the circulating cell free unmethylated Insulin DNA assay and to explore its potential as a putative marker of donor pancreas/islet quality. " Dr. Iestyn Shapey

"I am enormously grateful to ESOT for awarding me this study scholarship. Thanks to this grant, I will be able to pursue exciting research collaboration opportunities as part of my training in transplant surgery" Dr. Emily Thompson