NEW E-learning module on Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation

Primary Topics: Donation / Retrieval, Surgery, Heart, Lungs, Thoracic

Description & Objectives:

The E-learning module 'Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation' has been developed for surgeons who are interested in procurement surgery.

After finishing the E-learning module, the surgeon:

will be familiar with the important aspects of organ offers (heart and lungs);
will know how to cooperate with the team with the appropriate attitude and behavioral skills including some golden rules;
will have a complete understanding of the preparation and retrieval phase;
will know the correct steps for retrieval of the heart and lungs (DBD and DCD).

The E-learning module comprises of six lessons with a variety of drawings, videos and study questions.

The module follows a sequential routing. Lessons can however be studied separately at any given time. Relevant study questions are presented. The correct answers are required in order to proceed. The system will provide feedback.  

It will take approximately two hours to successfully complete the E-learning.

The module focuses on cognitive skills and a professional approach to cardiothoracic donor surgery.

It does not develop psychomotor skills. Therefore it should be a part of a wider training in the surgical aspects of heart and lung donation.