How to... 3. Update your personal profile

You have probably been an ESOT Member for a few years now. You might have relocated to a new address. You might have quit your old job and found a new one. Maybe you changed your mobile phone number, or even your email address. And how about that amazing new paper you published a few months ago?

Well, it's probably time to update your ESOT personal profile and let your peers know what you have been up to lately, right?

Your personal profile is the first thing you see when you log in: what you see is the "VIEW" side of your profile, showing only a few basic data.
But there is much more about you there: just click on the VIEW | EDIT button and you will switch to the "EDIT" side of your personal profile. Here you can add, modify and review all of your personal information, from your date of birth to your personal contacts, and your CV.
All this information is organized in the 3 tabs "Login Information", "Personal Details" and "Professional Details".

If you keep your profile up to date, you will improve your networking opportunities with your peers, and your interactions with ESOT will be just smoother. Have a look at your personal profile and update it today!