How to... 2. Renew your ESOT Membership

So you finally entered the Member Area, and you just found out that you are classified as a "non-member"?
Or maybe you decided to dig out that old membership reminder and pay your fees, but the links in the reminder do not work anymore?
No need to worry: you are still an ESOT Member but you just have a pending fee, and those links were just bringing to the old website and they are no longer valid.

Keep Calm: renewing your ESOT Membership has never been so easy!
It is just a 3-step process now: 

1) Log in on entering your access details (any trouble with your login? Please click here).

2) Go to the Membership Types page and select your ESOT Membership type. There are 10 of them, feel free to choose the right one for you.

3) Go to your Cart and pay your Membership fee by credit card or bank transfer, as usual. It works just like any online shopping website: you just select what you wish, then you check out.


More information is available in the Membership section of the website (available on all pages, first menu item on the right).