ESOT Elections 2019

Dear ESOT members,

As previously announced, this year ESOT members will elect four new Councillors and choose the host city for the ESOT2023 Congress.

The call for nominations for the Councillor positions closed on June 16 and the election will run from July 9, 2019 to August 29, 2019.

We are delighted to announce the final list of candidates (in alphabetical order):

- Andrzej Baranski (Western Europe)
- Ioannis Boletis (Southern Europe)
- Lucrezia Furian (Southern Europe)
- Ina Jochmans (Western Europe)
- Nicos Kessaris (Western Europe)
- Eduardo Miñambres (Southern Europe)                           
- Maarten Naesens (Western Europe)
- Allan Rasmussen (Northern Europe)
- Hanne Scholz (Northern Europe)
- Ondrej Viklicky (Western Europe)

All bona fide Members of ESOT will receive an email informing them of the opening and closing dates of the voting process and a unique link to the voting platform, where they will be able to view the CVs and statements of the candidates and cast their vote.

The selection of the host city for the 2023 ESOT Congress will take place on the same voting platform, where documents for each finalist city will be available for review.

We are glad to announce that the candidate cities are (in alphabetical order):

- Athens
- Prague

ESOT members who would like to exercise their right to vote should renew their 2019 ESOT membership at their earliest convenience.

*** On the voting system for the Councillor positions: upon closing of the voting platform, candidates for the Councillor positions will be grouped and ranked (if more than one per region) according to the geographical areas they represent. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes in each area will be elected. Given that only three geographical areas are represented in the candidate pool, the fourth position of Councillor will be assigned to the highest ranked candidate not already elected, regardless of the geographical area they represent. For the full procedure governing the Council elections, please click here