ESOT Council: Call for Nominations 2019

The ESOT Council, which is charged with the direction of the Society as per its Bylaws, is issuing a call for 4 positions of ESOT Councillors, to start their mandate in September 2019 for a duration of 4 years.

Members of the ESOT Council, all bona fide Members of ESOT and all Presidents of the European National Transplant Societies are cordially invited to nominate Members of ESOT for the position of ESOT Councillor. Nomination should be forwarded to the ESOT Secretary, Gabriel Oniscu ( and to the ESOT CEO, Luca Segantini ( 

It is of utmost importance that nominations take into consideration the fact that ESOT wishes to have a broad and balanced representation concerning, among others, gender, country, and transplant discipline. The nomination also needs to take into consideration experience, expertise, national and international status and recognition, contribution to ESOT and a very clear commitment to contribute to the major projects of ESOT.

Nominations must include the name and contact details of the nominee and must also ensure that the nominee is aware and agreeable with their nomination.
Nominees should submit the following documents no later than Sunday, 16 June 2019:

- a short CV
- a statement of their intended contribution to the ESOT Council (max. 300 words)

ESOT members will receive an official communication from the ESOT Secretary detailing all steps of the nomination and election procedure.

***An important note***
In order to participate in the election of the four new Councillors, both as a candidate and as a voter, you need to be up to date with your membership payments.
If you need to renew your ESOT membership for 2019, please click here.

For additional information and assistance, feel free to contact Valentina Ricci at