Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Here are some answers.


- How do I become an ESOT Member?
Becoming an ESOT member is easy: just create a new account on Please make sure to select Yes, I would like to apply for ESOT Membershipand follow the on-screen instructions. PLEASE make sure that your date of birth is updated (My Profile/Edit/Personal details).

- What membership type should I choose?
You can choose among 5 easy options , depending on your professional role and geographic location: Regular, Trainee, International, Non-Medical and Joint.

- Can I apply for Trainee Membership?
You are eligible for Trainee Membership if you are a trainee under 32 years old. Before paying for your ESOT Trainee Membership please send to an official letter signed by your supervisor in order to certify your trainee status. ESOT Trainee Membership can be held for a maximum of 3 years. PLEASE make sure that your date of birth is updated (My Profile/Edit/Personal details).

- Can I apply for Joint Membership?
You are eligible for Joint Membership if you are already a member of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) or a member of your local National Transplantation Society (please visit our Network page for a list of National Transplantation Societies in Europe). Please note that regular controls of membership lists are performed in collaboration with our partner Transplant Societies. ESOT Joint Membership does not give membership rights for other societies, and vice versa.

- How can I pay my membership fee?
ESOT Membership fees can be paid either by credit card (VISA and Mastercard are accepted), or by bank transfer.


- I have been a member for a long time, but when I log in on the new website I see a "Non-Member" status on my profile. What happened?
You are still an ESOT Member, and you just have a pending fee for the current year. The new system recognizes as "Members" only fully paid profiles. To get back to your full member access rights, please renew your ESOT Membership. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on membership renewal.

- How do I renew my ESOT Membership?
Renewing your ESOT Membership is easy and quick: just log in with your username and password and follow the instructions you will find on your personal profile. 

- Is the annual membership renewal automatic?
Membership renewal is not automatic: in order to renew your ESOT membership you need to log in and purchase a membership fee.

- Am I entitled to a discounted membership?
Three of our membership types (Trainee, Non-Medical and Joint) feature a reduced fee. If you qualify for one of these membership types, you are entitled to the discount.


- I forgot my password, what should I do?
Please click here to reset your password. You will receive an email with the new password, so that you are able to log back in. We suggest to change your password again upon login.

- I forgot my username, what should I do?
Your username is just the email that you provided when you created your ESOT account. If you are not sure which email address you entered, please write to

- I can log in, but I cannot access the Member Area. Why?
You probably have pending membership fees. Access to the ESOT Member Area is exclusively reserved to fully paid members.
Please click here to select your membership type and add it to your cart in order to renew your membership and get again full access to the Member Area.


- How do I become a member of one of your Sections&Committees?
You choose your affiliations to the ESOT Sections&Committees when you first apply for membership, and every year you can add/modify affiliations when you renew your membership. Anyway, you can always ask the ESOT Office to modify your affiliation to the Sections and Committees (please write to

- Is there an additional fee for affiliation to the ESOT Sections&Committees?
Affiliation to the ESOT Sections&Committees is free and permanent, with the only exception of ELITA that requires an additional annual fee of € 40.