19 Aug - 31 Dec '19

E-learning module on Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation

The E-learning module 'Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation' has been developed for surgeons who are interested in procurement surgery.

E-learning module on Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation

Programme Information:

'Surgical techniques for heart and lung transplantation' was jointly created and developed by the UK and Dutch competent authorities on organ transplantation:

NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant, UK)

NTS (Dutch Transplant Foundation, The Netherlands)

The development of the module was led by Claire Williment (NHSBT) and Monique van Maasdam (NTS).

The course was written bij Dr Stephen C. Clark and Dr Michiel E. Erasmus. We are very greatful for their expertise, ideas and experiences. Dr Clark also provided many Powerpoint slides, anatomical drawings and videos of retrieval procedures. He kindly narrated the videos. Dr Erasmus also provided several photographs, the chest X-ray and the videos of the good and bad filled heart.

We would like to thank the following people for their useful advice and feedback on course sections (in alphabetical order):

Tanveer Butt

Michiel Kuijpers

Majid Mukadam

James Neuberger

Aaron Ranasinghe

Marijn Smit

Catherine Sudarshan

Steve Tsui

Caroline van de Wauwer

Most photographs in this module were purchased at canstockphoto.com. Ms Sietske Raaijmakers provided the images of the blood gas machine and clock on the OR.