6 Feb - 9 Feb '19


- Present with confidence

- Find the Leader in you

- Do your own Systematic Review

- Upgrade your Network!


ACADEMIA: Personal Scientific Empowerment!

Primary Topics:
Systematic review, leadership, Communication
Start Date:
Wednesday, 6th February, 2019 at 2:30pm
End Date:
Saturday, 9th February, 2019 at 1:30pm
Important Dates:

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Preparatory activities

>From 2 weeks before>>>Journal Club on a selection of papers

Country: Italy
Description & Objectives:


- Present with confidence
- Find the Leader in you
- Do your own Systematic Review
- Upgrade your Network!

ACADEMIA is the perfect way to prepare for your participation in the ESOT2019 Congress in Copenhagen.

The 4-day course consists of a mix of lectures, a case discussion, short presentations by the attendees and an interactive small-groups systematic review workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity to win two awards during the course.

The Sir Peter Morris Award. This will be awarded for the best systematic review abstract.

The Henrik Ekberg Award. This will be awarded for the best participant presentation.


Learning Objectives
Key academic skills that participants will acquire include:

Literature searching
Critical appraisal
Systematic review and meta-analysis
Basics of medical statistics
Academic writing and editing
Preparing and delivering presentations

Special Module by Susan West (Solvay Univeristy, Brussels, Belgium):
WORKSHOP: Leading in the 21st Century: Communicating with Impact
•    What you do that causes your communication breakdowns
•    How to catch and correct yourself when you fall into typical traps
•    A new set of skills and techniques to ensure you have consistently great conversations
•    How to increase your credibility and influence with people over whom you have no formal control.

Target Group:

The workshop is open to 25 professionals, from trainee to senior consultant level. The number of attendees is limited to promote active participation and to stimulate close interaction amongst attendees and educators.

Access Requirements:

Registered participants to the ACADEMIA Course are kindly requested to:

1.   Be ready for the Journal Club that will take place the week before the course starts  - online (date & time will be shared next week)

2.   Prepare a presentation for the Henrik Ekberg Award (free subject/topic; time at disposal 7 minutes) - please send it by email to secretariat@esot.org by 28/01/2019

Registered participants will also have access to the preaparatory material provided for the Module: "Leading in the 21st Century: Communicating with Impact" (February 8-9, 2019)

3.  Install the following software preferably on your laptops in relation to the Practical Workshop Systematic Review on Feb. 7th and 8th by Liset Pengel:


#ACADEMIA will benefit of the All ESOT App, so it will be paperless. You are kindly invited to bring your own device and to download the All ESOT App once you receive the activation email.

We look forward to a great learning experience with you!