26 Apr - 29 Apr '19

5th ELPAT Congress: Developing Dialogue - Pioneering Practice

5th ELPAT Congress
Developing Dialogue - Pioneering Practice
26-29 April, Krakow, Poland
ELPAT is a European platform that brings continuity and progress in

5th ELPAT Congress: Developing Dialogue - Pioneering Practice

Dedicated to the ethical, legal, and psychosocial aspects of transplantation and donation

Scientific Programme Committee ELPAT2019

Frederike Ambagtsheer, The Netherlands
Michael Bos, The Netherlands
Seán Columb, United Kingdom
Antonia Cronin, United Kingdom
Fabienne Dobbels, Belgium
Frank Dor, United Kingdom
Dale Gardiner, United Kingdom
Nichon Jansen, The Netherlands
Annette Lennerling, Sweden
Ines Mega, Portugal
Christina Papachristou, Germany
Gurch Randhawa, United Kingdom
Angie Scales, United Kingdom
Silke Schicktanz, Germany
Marion Siebelink, The Netherlands
Willem Weimar, The Netherlands

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Thomas Kruszyna, Poland
Piotr Richter, Poland
Alicja Widera, Poland

Congress Chair

Emma Massey, The Netherlands