6 Nov - 10 Nov '18

Transplantation Learning Journey

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Transplantation Learning Journey

Programme Information:

TLJ2018 Scientific Programme updated

ESOT announces the TLJ 2018 Programme (Transplantation Learning Journey), held from 6 to 10 November, 2018, in Munich, Germany.

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EKITA Meeting

Strategies for improving allograft and patient survival after kidney transplantation

An educational programme for kidney transplant specialist, i.e transplant surgeons, nephrologists, tissue typers, renal pathologists. Researches in the area will have the opportunity to engage with clinically working colleagues to establish translational projects.


10th ELITA Meeting

Challenging indications for liver and combined organ transplantation

An educational programme for liver transplant surgeons and hepatologists, HPB surgeons and general hepatologists, HPB oncologists, specialist nurses in liver transplantation, HPB, hepatology and oncology


3rd ETAHP Meeting

Guiding towards Positive Health

An educational programme for nurses, physical therapists, dieticians, social workers, occupational therapists psychologists, among other allied healthcare professionals.


27th EDTCO Congress

Link and Lead. A look in the future and the role of transplant coordinators

An educational programme for healthcare professionals involved in intensive care and emergency medicine, end of life care, organ and tissue donation and transplant coordination. Patients and patients’ associations, family of patients and society representatives, EU commissioners and political representatives.


3rd ECTTA Meeting

Cardiothoracic transplantation: to breathe, to pulse, to regenerate life

An educational programme for cardiologists, pneumologists, cardio-thoracic surgeons, anestesiologists, transplant coordinators, intensivists, transplant researchers, transplant physicians, allied health professionals.


VCA Meeting

VCA: A new field has matured

An educational programme for transplant surgeons, plastic and reconstuctive surgeons, transplant coordinators, transplant nurses, organ procurement organization staff, basic scientists.