ESOT Grants Recipients

Hall of ESOT Transplant Fellows

The Transplant Fellowship Grants are partially supported by Roche with unrestricted funding. The Company is not involved in any way, directly and indirectly, in the assignment process.

Hall of ESOT Transplant Fellows


  • Mr David Schibilsky M.D.

    Hospital/Company: Papworth Hospital NHS Trust
    Office City: Papworth - Cambridgeshire
    Office Country: United Kingdom
    PERSONAL DETAILS Date/Place of Birth 25th July 1981 / Duisburg, Germany EDUCATION March 2016 - present: Cardiothoracic Surgeon, University Heart Center Tübingen March 2016: Board Certification Cardiac Surgery, Karlsruhe/Reutlingen, Germany June 2011 – March 2016: Resident in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, University Heart Center, Tübingen (Prof. Schlensak), Germany April/May 2013Research Fellowship: Cardiovascular Surgery, DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, Houston, Texas, USA (ISHLT travel scholarship) November 2011 Clinical Fellowship (MCS): Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart-Center Bad Oeyenhausen, Germany October 2009 – May 2011Resident in Cardiovascular Surgery, University Heart Center Freiburg – Bad Krozingen (Prof. Beyersdorf), Germany April 2010 Doctoral Thesis (“Summa cum laude”/1.0), Freiburg, Germany September 2009 German Medical Licence (Grade: 2.0), Freiburg, Germany October 2004 – May 2009 Clinical part of medical studies: Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg, Germany; & Mount Sinai Medical School, New York, USA September 2004 Preliminary Medical Examination (Grade 2.3), Würzburg, Germany October 2002 – September 2004 Pre-Clinical part of medical studies: Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Mai 2004 - present Clinical studies (GCP), first PI: SEE-HF: 2014 October 2008 - present Clinical and basic research projects, University Heart Centers Freiburg-Bad Krozingen and Tübingen April 2005 – May 2009 Basic Research: Department of Experimental Anaesthesiology, Freiburg, Germany (Doctoral thesis) LANGUAGES German: Native speaker English: Advanced INTERESTS /MEMBERSHIPS Profesional: Valve surgery, CABG, Mechanical circulatory support, Thoracic Transplantation, Scientometrics, Hemocompatibility, Reperfusion, Apoptosis Personal: Mountaineering, Sailing, Cycling, Photography Member: International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT), European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS), German Society of Thoracic and Cardiovacular Surgery (DGTHG)
  • Dr. Francesca Tinti MD

    Hospital/Company: Policlinico Umberto
    Office City: Rome
    Office Country: Italy


  • Miss Caroline DUDREUILH MD

    Hospital/Company: HENRI MONDOR
    Office City: CRETEIL
    Office Country: France
    I am a nephrologist with a special interest in immunology and transplantation. My passion for immunology and research led me to complete my medical degree with an intercalated research period enabling me to be awarded a bachelor of science in "Immunology" in addition to a national Master degree’s on the topic "Graft and Host Relation". My Master degree’s internship was hosted within the laboratory of Professor Dürrbach (Inserm unit U1014/UMR1197 "Stem cells, transplantation, immuno-regulation"). It was an opportunity for me to confirm my interest in research and strengthened my career goal; to become an academic nephrologist. Following my training in Tours and Paris (Clinical fellowship in Nephrology and Transplantation in Henri Mondor Hospital) I elected to apply for a position as a research assistant in the MRC Centre Transplantation (Kings College, London) in the group of Professor Lombardi, focusing on tolerance induction in transplantation trough adoptive transfer of regulatory T cells (Tregs). The lab is ideally situated within Guy’s Hospital, which has one of the largest transplantation programs in the UK and is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence, with a special expertise in transplantation for highly sensitised patients and ABO incompatible transplantation (Professor Dorling, Professor Mamode). The ESOT Transplant Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for me to improve my basic science knowledge within one of the top centre for transplant immunology worldwide, whilst working with some of the most experienced investigators in the field of transplant rejection and tolerance, with a particular focus on the contribution of the different subtypes of T and B cells.
  • Dr. Maria Meneghini

    Hospital/Company: IRCCS Cà Grande Ospedale Policlinico Milano
    Office City: Milan
    Office Country: Italy
    I am a medical doctor and I recently concluded my residency in Nephrology. During the 5 years of the residency program I had the possibility to practice in all areas of the nephrology specialization: clinical nephrology, management of acute and chronic kidney diseases, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and, of course, kidney transplantation. I was particularly interested in this last topic and during the residency I could gain experience in the clinical management of kidney transplant patients both at Ospedale Policlinico in Milan and during a short clinical internship in Barcelona. The experience of the ESOT Transplant Fellowship would be the occasion to deepen my knowledge on kidney transplantation by having the chance of working one year in a European reference center where large numbers of all the most important types of kidney transplantation are performed. As the Spanish transplant system has recently been recognized as a very successful model by the international scientific community, the clinical experience in this center would be very useful for my future career. Moreover, in Italy some practices such as non-heart beating donors and ABO-incompatible transplantation are starting to grow in the last years, while in Spain a solid experience in such particular cases has already been developed. The approach to the management of transplant recipients both in the pre-transplant, early posttransplant and long term is similar in the two countries, being mostly assigned to the nephrologist. Therefore, an intensive training with the Bellvitge Kidney Transplant group would give me knowledge and skills to be used in Italy in the clinical setting.