ESOT Educational Scholarship - valid for 2019

ESOT Educational Scholarships for attending Courses of the ESOT Education Programme.

20 ESOT Scholarships of EUR 1.000 each in support of applications of young transplant professionals to attend the Courses of the formal ESOT pathway.

Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact Chiara Parisotto

Terms of reference:

a. Applicants must be no more than 40 years old at the time of application.

b. Applications by transplant professionals of all disciplines will be considered.

c. Applicants must be ESOT members in good standing at the time of application.

Applications will include:

a. A complete CV of the applicant.                                      

b. Two letters in support of the application by Department Heads who have direct knowledge of the applicant’s training and overall achievements and professional development.

c. A statement by the applicant regarding the importance of the Course for his/her overall career progression.

Application calendar

Applications will be open from the 1st of September to the 31st of October of the current year for ESOT Courses taking place in the next calendar year.

Reviewing and evaluation process

Evaluation of the applications will be conducted by an Evaluation Committee

Every application will be scored independently by each member of the Evaluation Committee; the application will be scored from 1-10 in the following domains:

             a) overall career progression and achievements of the applicant

             b) evidence of a career committed to transplantation

             c) relevance and importance of the Course to the career progression of the applicant.

The applicants with the top 20 scores will be awarded the scholarships to be used in support of their attendance of an ESOT Course of their choosing. 


The results will be announced to the applicants as well as in a prominent area on the ESOT website and through the ESOT Social media 4 weeks after the deadline for applications.

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Name: ESOT Educational Scholarship - valid for 2019
ESOT Educational Scholarship
Closing Deadline:
31 October 2018