ANBI Objective&Mission and Financial Statements

The European Society for Organ Transplantation is a medical and scientific not-for-profit Society dedicated to the exchange of knowledge in donation and transplantation. The scope of the Society is to improve health and well-being of patients affected by end-stage organ diseases. ESOT is a platform for voluntary professionals in the field of transplantation, to whom it provides an extensive education programme and best-practice guidelines.

ESOT is registered as a charity (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling: ANBI) in the Netherlands. RSIN, Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number: 820509498

The purpose of the society is:
 - furthering and encouragement of knowledge and research concerning donation and/or transplantation;
 - creating a scientific forum for activities in the field of donation and/or transplantation;

ESOT aims to achieve this purpose, among other things, through:
 - being a forum for discussions about both positive and negative clinical and scientific experiences, introduction of confirmed experimental findings and new methods within the clinical practice,legal and ethical  problems and questions related to donation and/or transplantation and experimental research;
 - planning and organizing of multi-centre studies;
 - collaboration with organ distributing and other organizations or authorities dealing with organ donation and/or transplantation;
 - contributing to education and training;
 - contributing to quality guidelines concerning donation and/or transplantation;
 - taking part in legal persons, whatever their legal form, which are aimed at obtaining financial means for the benefit of the society.

The Bylaws of the Society are published in the Section 'Organization/Bylaws? of this website.

Steunstichting ESOT (ESOT Foundation) is the support foundation of the European Society for Organ Transplantation.  All funds of the Steunstichting ESOT are distributed to the European Society for Organ Transplantation in order to enable it to perform not-for-profit activities as mentioned above.

ESOT trains and supports its members through an extensive Educational Programme and encourages excellence through its Awards & Grants Programme. Furthermore, ESOT gathers the European and international transplant scene at its biennial Congress.

ESOT Foundation Board

Chairman: Stefan Schneeberger
Secretary: Gabriel Oniscu
Treasurer: Luciano Potena
Members: Thierry Berney, Ruud Krouwer, Vassilios Papalois

ESOT Council

President: Stefan Schneeberger
Secretary: Gabriel Oniscu
Treasurer: Luciano Potena
President-elect: Vassilios Papalois
Past President: Thierry Berney
Executive Officer: Luca Segantini
ECTTA Chair: Ivan Knezevic
ELITA Chair: Christophe Duvoux 
EKITA  Chair: Robert Langer
EPITA Chair: Eelco de Koning
EDTCO Chair: David Paredes
ELPAT Chair: Emma Massey
ECTORS Chair: Martin Hoogduijn
VCA Committee Chair: Gerald Brandacher
Basic Science Committee Chair: Henri Leuvenink
Education Committee Chair: Raj Thuraisingham
ETAHP Committee Chair: Marjo Van Helden
YPT Committee Chair: Zeeshan Akhtar
Councillors: Oriol Bestard, Umberto Cillo, Frank Dor, Luuk Hilbrands, Maarten Naesens, Xavier Rogiers, Olivier Thaunat
ESOT Foundation Chair: Stefan Schneeberger
TI Editors-in-Chief: Rainer Oberbauer, Thomas Wekerle
CET Director: Liset Pengel

Payment Policy

The board members do not receive any salary. A salary scheme for the personnel is applicable.

The role of the volunteer leads
Volunteers and their leads play a major role within the Vereniging ESOT. They are a wide range of clinicians, scientists, coordinators, nurses and other transplant professionals who contribute to Vereniging ESOT in many different ways supporting ESOT for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 years, depending on their role and according to the bylaws. Volunteers serving ESOT are not paid for their services.

Their tasks cover three main areas of intervention:

a. Support in organization management, including the preparation and attendance of Council, sub-groups and board meetings, fund raising and administrative activities;
b. Provide specific expertise and scientific content for the preparation and the development of all education events, in addition they offer tutorial assistance during the onsite programme, sometime for few consecutive days;
c. Organize specialty meetings, including the major event, offering know-how and presentations of medical trails and clinical cases.  

ESOT Executive

- Treasurer
The Treasurer is an elected volunteer lead whose task is to supervise financial and administrative operations, to prepare reports for Council and the General Assembly, and to collaborate with sponsorship activities. The Treasurer is the key position for strategic advice and finance supervision, and reports to Council and GA. Professional advice and auditing is delegated to a specialized Firm. 

- Secretary
The Secretary is a volunteer elected lead with specific functions in relation to internal and external politics, as well as in the areas of governance and structural review, strategy and growth plan development. In addition, he coordinates Council activities, administers the initial stage of each education event (application and selection processes), the grant program and certain issues in relation to the membership.

- President
The President is the lead member for the Association and is generally elected after serving the Society in other positions. He takes the key representative and institutional role and shares many of the functions described for the Secretary.

The role of the employed staff
An internal independent structure was established with the aim of providing consistent and high-quality meeting services for all ESOT events organized by the various sub-sections.
The Office occupies the role of Organizing Secretariat for the biennial congress and for all the education events, part of these management services (registration and accommodation), as well as certain administrative tasks, are outsourced to an external PCO, as paid staff would be insufficient to cover the whole necessity.
Employed Staff of the unit is formed by five professionals, associated to a specific area of intervention: Meeting services – Section & Committee secretarial services - Administration & Finance – General Secretariat – Presidency.

Society Activity

A number of  education activities are performed by ESOT throughtout the year. Activities are listed in the Section 'Event&Education' of this website.         

Financial Statement

We hereby include Financial Statements for the YEAR 2012 - YEAR 2017